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08-04-2005, 01:16 PM

I installed my Phillips S1 HDRx12 Tivo a few days ago (using image from 31st of March 2005). Everything is working fine except that I never see the OzTivo startup screens when it boots - the ones that say "Welcome to Maintenance Mode" or "Startup up..." with the OzTivo logo.

Has anyone else seen or heard of this? Is this a problem with the new image?

It's no problem in itself except that it can confuse a Tivo newbie like myself. I initially thought there was something wrong with my Tivo because the picture was jerky and yet the startup screen didn't say "Welcome To Maintenance Mode." [That problem obviously fixed itself when I rebooted the unit a couple of times the next day and it did finally leave maintenance mode.]

What commands can I execute to determine if the correct screen is actually present on the disk?


Darren King
08-04-2005, 02:03 PM
Hi Robert

It was an issue with the February release of the beta 1.4 image. The screens were not put in the right spot or something like that. The issue has been documented and images are available from the quote below from the OzTiVo email list (not these forums):

To: oztivo email list at www.oztivo.com
Subject: [oztivo] Missing Startup screens for beta Release 1.4 (22/02/05)

As anyone who has loaded Oztivo beta release 1.4 will know, the startup
screens do not show during boot so you do not know whether you are going to
be in maintenance or regular PAL mode until it has finished booting.

I have uploaded the startup screens that I use for this release to:

If you like you can use these as temporary fillers until Ed uploads the
official ones (They do say release 4 instead of 1.4, but at least they work
and it easy for me to see which version is installed).

I have added the Instructions for loading the images and other issues with
this beta release to the page below:

Feel free to add/change anything.

As you can see Minnie (the name of the oztivo website) has the procedure if you wish to try that.

If you do not wish to install the images then the easiest way is to use TiVoWEB and go into the PAL/NTSC switcher section. If you see GS=0 then you are in normal mode. If you see GS=1 then you are in Maintenance Mode. Typically you will never be in Maintenance Mode unless you have just done the guided setup.

The release of the final image will not have this issue, nor does the V1.3 release of OzTiVo software which has been around for well over a year. There is also a later version of the beta 1.4 image (1st April) than you have used.