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30-03-2005, 08:32 PM
For those that may be interested in such a facility.

TivoCommunity was the home of the original version, so if you wish to follow the progress of the module then you may wish to follow the Tivo POP3 Client (TPOP) (http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?p=2731370#post2731370) thread.

The following is the README from the file:

Changes from version 1.1
This version now supports custom commands whereby the user can create a
script to perform an action when a message is received. There are two
"variables" available to these custom commands. They are $FROM and $SUBJ.

An example script (popup.sh) that displays a message (via newtext2osd)
has been included. To use it you need to place the following line in
your tpopd.conf:

custom /var/hack/TivoPOP/popup.sh '$FROM' '$SUBJ'

Changes from version 1.0
This version will look for the tpopd.conf file in the same directory as the
tpopd.tcl executable unless the command line parameter is used to override

A maximum message size has been introduced. The default is 30,000 bytes and
if a message exists on the server which is larger than this, then only the
first 48 lines will be downloaded.

To stop the daemon nicely you can create a file called tpopd.stop in the same
directory as the executable (this will be checked at least once a minute, and
be removed once the daemon exits).

If the "delete" option is set to "false", then the daemon will keep track of
the last message it downloaded so that it does not need to download it again.
This will save on bandwidth.

Any message whose subject starts with 'TPOP' will be removed from the server
no matter what the "delete" option has been set to. This allows you to send
messages specifically for the TiVo, even if "delete" is set at false.

If the "onlyTPOP" option is set to "true" (and "delete" is set to "false"),
then only messages whose Subjects start with 'TPOP' will be picked up by the
TiVo. This allows your TiVo to share your ISP email account :)

A high priority/important message should show as that on the TiVo.

Message identifiers with mixed case are supported.

Description of the files

The script that acts as a daemon, periodically checking for new messages.

Which saves the settings you use, and the current mailbox state
(so that it doesn't import the same message twice)

Download, and put in a directory you can write to (like /var/hack/bin).
Make it executable, with "chmod 755 tpopd.tcl"
Run tpopd.tcl with the command-line options and --save, or edit tpopd.conf
to include the values you want.

Start it from /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit with the line "/var/hack/bin/tpopd.tcl"
or "/location/tpopd.tcl -c /location/tpopd.conf"

Tivo 3.0 isn't set up to do name resolution by default, so you'll have to put
an IP address in place of the server name (eg for Paradise).

Official Help
tpopd.tcl - Tivo(TM) POP3 Client Daemon

tpopd.tcl [{-h|--help}] [{-d|--display}] [{-S|--save}]
[{-c|--config-file} filename] [{s|--server} servername]
[{-P|--port} tcpport] [{-u|--user} username]
[{-p|--pass} password] [{-i|--interval} time] [{-o|-onlyTPOP}]
[{-d|--delete}] [{-m|--maxsize} size] [{-t|--trace} file]

The tpopd.tcl command launches a POP3 client that runs in the background
periodically checking your mail server and transferring new messages
into Tivo Messages. Options specified in the config file override
default values, and options specified in the command line override options
in the config file.

{-h|--help} Display this screen and terminate. (Ignores all other

{-c|--config-file} filename
Specify where to find the config file. If this option is
left out, tpopd.tcl looks for a file named tpopd.conf in
the same directory as it.

{-d|--display} Display a list of the options currently in effect, then
terminate. (Evaluates config file and command line.)

{-S|--save} Overwrite the config file with options specified on the
command line.

{-s|--server} servername
Use servername as the mail server to connect to. Defaults
to localhost.

{-P|--port} tcpport
Specify the tcp port number to connect to at the
mailserver. Default is the standard POP3 port 110.

{-u|--user} username
Specify what to use as the POP3 username. Default is

{-p|pass} password
Specify the password for the mail account.
*WARNING* tpopd.tcl saves this password and transmits this
password in plain text.

{-i|--interval} time
Specify the amount of time, in seconds, between when
tpopd.tcl finishes checking the server, and when it should
start again. Defaults to 600 = 10 minutes.

{-m|--maxsize} size}
Provide an upper limit on the size of messages to download.
Defaults to 30000. Note: large messages can cause the Tivo
to reboot.

Only download messages whose subjects start with TPOP.

{-D|--delete} Delete messages from the mail server

tpopd.tcl -c /etc/tpopd.conf
tpopd.tcl -s mail.server.com -u myname -p mypass --save