View Full Version : Sound problems. I think I have a hardware fault.

15-04-2004, 09:04 PM
I recently received a refurbished US Tivo and I have been experiencing the wonders of PVR technology at it's finest. Only problem is I can't get a sound signal. I can play back sound fine. Intro and menu noises are there. But when trying to receive a sound signal from my cable box, a sky decoder or any other sound source, it's a no go. Needless to say I'm pretty dissapointed as the company I bought it from assured me it would be tested before delivery. And of course I couldn't get a warranty.

Before I look at alternatives, including buying another unit, I thought I would ask around to see if anyone has any ideas. Unless I've missed something in my extensive search it looks like I have faulty hardware. What options do I have?

15-04-2004, 09:19 PM
I have had my Tivo now for 2 months and just in the last 3 weeks I have noticed I lose sound while watching Live TV or when it is recording. eg Sound would work OK in a recording up into a random time then it goes for the rest of the session.

During Live TV if I change the channel sound comes back.

Not sure if it is the same issue you are having.

I think it is software as the sound comes back if I change channels. I am looking at imaging the latest image. I currently use V3.0 Release 1.

Not sure if there is a way to monitor what the Tivo is doing at the time I lose sound or look at log files to see if it has done something.


15-04-2004, 09:40 PM
Not sure if it is the same issue you are having.


At least you have sound at some point :) I can never capture it. Playing it back is fine, i.e. menu sounds.

29-05-2004, 03:14 PM
Hey all
I too had no sound in live tv or recordings but played the intro and button press sounds ok.
This is what i found through much hairpulling etc
When you do the guided setup menu and you tell it what input...cable..sattelite..antenae etc ,what you put in there decides what cable inputs the tivo will use.
For example I followed the howto for guided setup and it said if using a vcr for input to set it to cable but I have found since that cable sets tivo not to use rca leads so no sound via that connection,if you set it to sattelite tivo defaults to s-video lead for video and rca leads for sound,still not what I wanted so the only way I can do it to setup for rca leads for sound and video input is to get tivo to boot to ntsc mode[I do it through tivoweb]
then hook tivo back up to tv [dont panic if you still cant hear or see live tv]
go to "messages and setup" then "recorder and phone setup" you can only go further if you're in ntsc mode,there you can access all the different input combinations to get sound etc
it will test your selection and say no valid input or something like that
but thats only because its ntsc ....accept the input you know you have and exit out get back into tivoweb and reset back to pal ...plug tivo into tv and hopefully you will now have sound.