View Full Version : DirecTv receiver with Tivo - Philips DSR6000

19-03-2005, 05:45 PM
Hi Everyone..

I am a newbie at this, and not sure if I have purchased the wrong Tivo.. got a Directv DSR6000 expanded to 160GB with a network card on eBay.


um.. is there any problems installing a PAL Tuner in these and is possible to make the OzTivo ISO image work with it.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Darren King
20-03-2005, 05:09 PM
You have the totally wrong TiVo. Those have only a dual digital satellite front end (not compatible with Foxtel or Austar satellite) and no analogue front end (ie no A/V RCA inputs) for even feeding an external set top box into them like a digital STB or Foxtel box or whatever.

No you cannot add a PAL tuner to them. No you cannot run the OzTiVo image on them. In short it is useless over here. Your saving grace here is that you have also scored the following which will be useful in the correct type of TiVo:

* couple of hard drives (120GB + 40GB not to be sneezed at)
* a turbonet card (worth $70US alone)
* remote and leads that can be used on the correct type of TiVo
* Power supply module. Always good for a spare.

So I guess $120US for the above parts value alone (plus your shipping) works out about even in the end.

As for the DSR6000, when it arrives take all the above out and give me a call/email. I'll happily take it from you for the few remaining parts on the mainboard that are useful. There are not many but every little bit helps. I'd rather see the few remaining bits recovered than end up in the bin and if you want a PAL tuner fitted to the correct type of TiVo we may be able to work out something mutual.

As for the correct type of TiVo, you are wanting a Philips HDR-x12 series Stand Alone type TiVo. The "x" is a number (ie 1,2,3,6) and the only difference is the original hard drive size so it does not matter really which one you get.

You might want to get the right one from www.eksys.com with a 60 day warranty (that being the $90US package George sells). Combine that with the good bits from the one you have just purchased you do have all you need to make one good OzTiVo. Just a thought anyway.