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23-02-2005, 09:43 PM
A week ago I was out for the night and came home sunday to find the house broken into and everything that was sellable gone..for some reason they didnt take the computer they took tv ,surround sound system,vcr,dvd,and TIVO as well as tools from shed and all the meat in the freezer.
I am insured but putting a value on the tivo was hard as they have never heard of one I put down $450 to cover it including a new hard drive ,don't know if they will accept that but I hope so.
I doubt the thieves will have a clue how to work it so it will only last till it crashes then it will be a door stop.
I told the cops there are very few in brisbane and I think I am the only one in Ipswich area so if they find a tivo it probably will be mine.
I am sitting in a half empty house now watching a little portable black and white tv...aaaaggggghhhhh
lets hope the insurance comes through quickly, I'm going stir crazy


23-02-2005, 10:28 PM
That sucks. They'll have no idea what it is - take it apart and probably just take the hard disk.

I feel for you man.

24-02-2005, 07:15 AM
I seriously feel really bad for you. There are no words to express how much that sucks. I hope the insurance comes through.

Darren King
24-02-2005, 08:38 AM
Hi Roy


Man that sucks but was bound to happen eventually to someone. Not to make you feel bad but it is getting rather common knowledge that TiVo in Australia does exist and a quick Google will tell them a plethora of information on what it does.

Get onto the OzTiVo website www.oztivo.com and drop Warren Toomey an email with the service/serial number and he can block your TiVo getting any guide data updates and even send a recurring message on bootup saying that the TiVo is stolen and should be handed over to the police and even put your name on the message or whatever you want.

...... you DID copy down the serial number located in the System information screen for times like this, didn't you? If not make damn sure you do with the next one. The more people who do this the more the thieves out there will realise that apart from nuisance value to the owner they are useless items otherwise.

Even if you don't have the number maybe it can be found via your IP address. I *think* from memory it is both the IP address and serial number is logged for every guided data download, so if you have a static IP with your internet connection this should be possible.

24-02-2005, 10:06 PM
Thanks all for your support
Hindsight is a wonderful thing and now I realise I should have recorded details
etc .It is the first time I have ever been robbed,I live in a quiet area but I guess no one is safe these days. My replacement when I get it will be a different story ...serial no...engraved..modded splash screen etc
The insurance has approved the money for it so thats good. Luckily I still had the carton that george sent it in with the price and postage on it.
The cops reckon I may get another visit in a couple of months from the thieves when I have all my new gear setup. :mad: