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19-02-2005, 09:42 PM
I am having problems with my Tivo as it becomes unresponsive to the remote shortly after booting up and the comes and goes for periods of 10 mins until eventually it stops working all together. Tivo responds to commands from the Web Remote and works normally with Tivoweb. When I reboot it works for a short period again (and the remote works fine so its not a hardware problem). I am operating in PAL mode through my video - is that the problem or is there a bigger fixable issue????

31-07-2005, 10:16 AM
I've just experienced the same issue. I can't find anything in the logs to indicate a process has died. TiVo just stops responding to the remote. The LED on the front of TiVo doesn't flash when a remote button is pressed either and the remote batteries are new. A reboot fixes the problem but only for a time. I did notice however that a bug that was listed as fixed in April (the warped clock) is being logged in the tvlog again. Maybe that has something to do with it or is symptomatic of the problem?

Also, I had installed vserver for tivotool and executed it from rc.sysinit but I've commented that out for the time being to see if the problem goes away. It's the only change I've done to TiVo in a week since my installation. Any comments very much appreciated.

31-07-2005, 12:07 PM
I have the same problem as does a friend of mine, but in our case it only happens every couple of weeks or so.

Like you it just goes dead to the remote control, and a reboot is needed to fix it.



31-07-2005, 05:46 PM
This is pretty standard after a couple of weeks. As far as I'm aware there is no other fix other than a reboot of your tivo.

You could always set up a cron job to do a manual reboot in the early hours of the morning, if you felt it was too much of a pain to do it yourself.

31-07-2005, 06:53 PM
The causes of this are many and varied, the most common known as the 3.0 event bug (Even though it still seems to occur in versions after 3.0).

There's lots of info about it and possible causes, though not many real solutions. If you would like to know more about it search on either tivocommunity or dealdatabase for "event bug".

That said, a possible solution has been discussed on the oztivo mailing list recently suggesting stopping and restarting Tivoweb once a day may be a possible solution.

KeepTivoWebResponsive (http://minnie.tuhs.org/twiki/bin/view/Howto/KeepTivoWebResponsive)