View Full Version : A Problem with Selectremote.tcl

19-02-2005, 08:25 AM
I tried to run the selectremote.tcl script (to enable
my Sony remote) on my tivo (I am in PuTTY telnet via a
serial link). I get the following error (I copied the whole screen):

-- Menu --
1. Set Remote for Philips only
2. Set Remote for Sony only
3. Set Remote for Philips and Sony
4. Quit

Choice? 3

can't open object (errTmBackgroundHoldoff)

while executing
"db $db open "/SwSystem/ACTIVE""
invoked from within
"transaction {
set swsysa [db $db open "/SwSystem/ACTIVE"]
set resgrp [dbobj $swsysa get ResourceGroup]
set tmpgrp [lindex $resgrp 30]
set tmpr..."
(file "/hack/bin/selectremote.tcl" line 107)

Any ideas?



18-03-2005, 01:49 AM
It turns out this problem has nothing to do with Selectremote.tcl
The problems lies with my Telnet client program Putty.
One has to set it (under "telnet setting") such that it does NOT send "telnet new line instead of ^M" (need to uncheck the default).

In fact most of the scripts which expect input will not run correctly unless one unchecks this option.