View Full Version : Audio Does not go through

15-02-2005, 07:09 AM
I have just set up my Sony SVR-2000 with the OZ TiVo image, and
adjusted the settings to skip the guided setup (I just want to use
the TiVo as a VCR) by allowing the fixup30.tcl script to run.
My TiVo boots nicely, but when I try it with live TV, I can see the
image, but there is no audio (similarly for the recorded result).
My input is composite video & audio.
The audio feedback for the TiVo menus works fine, so I do not think
this is a HW problem. Also the audio in contains the audio, since when I
plug it directly to the TV there is sound.

Any suggestion or thought is welcome.


17-02-2005, 06:21 PM
At last I went ahead and connected the TiVo to my PC (and to
the internet), so I was able to run the guided setup.
This solved the problem (which was probably related to the input
source not being defined correctly).