View Full Version : Helping keep your TiVo cooler

Darren King
07-02-2005, 03:36 PM
For those who don't frequent the OzTiVo website there is a new how-to and software to assist in keeping your TiVo cooler located here:


Well, OK it's not ALL a software document, but for most the software option will be the one used so to keep everyone happy it's in the "software" thread on this forum :)

Note that the one wire hardware method has been done by me on all TiVo's for tuner modding and repair from mid December 2004 to the 5th of Feb 2005. From now on I will include "fanconfig" and set it for the figures mentioned in that document for any TiVo's that come my way with a hard drive. For those who don't have a hard drive it will be up to you to install and configure it if you so desire. Anyone who wishes to restore software control for any I have hardwired can simply remove or cut the wire link.

I'm hopeful that fanconfig will make it to the official V1.4 Guided Setup release which is not too far off being released, or so I have been told.