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29-01-2005, 10:44 PM
Last weekend, I lost my internet access as a result of the lightening storm. My Tivo worked fine up until Thurs of this week when it finally ran out of programme data.

I've fully restored by internet access today but I'm runnning into problems with my Tivo. They are:

1. Tivo will not show Live TV - I get blue screen message. Was working OK earlier today but refuses to play now.
2. I've no programme data.
3. I can complete a test download of the programme guide via TivoWeb but the machine remains indefinitely in "setting up" status when trying the real thing. Tivo shows a "Succeeded" last status for the last (test) call.
4. I've tried to do a manual import of a slice but the indexing has been running for >3 hours (and this is the wrong NSW slice).
5. I can no longer access TivoWeb (worked ~ an hour ago). Machine responds to remote so has not locked up.

Any help would be appreciated.


Chris :confused:

30-01-2005, 12:17 AM
I've at least got Live TV working again.



And used the "fixup30.tcl" command and the touch /var/timestamp. Following a reboot I got Live TV back and I seem to be getting some progress on the retrieval of the programme guide.