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01-01-2005, 11:05 AM
Hey y'all... The point of this thread is to create a central repository of general information about TiVo innards. As such, I'd propose we keep the signal-noise ratio as high as possible; basically, if you're not posting a FAQ sort of entry, don't post (i.e. no "great idea" etc type posts). If you'd like to make a correction or suggestion to an existing post, try using the Private Message functionality of the oztivo boards to correspond with the original author directly, as they can edit their post after the fact without creating noise in the thread. Cool? Here goes a few I've been asked...

A chunk of data to be loaded onto the TiVo. Can contain all sorts of data. The most common is a guide data slice; this is what you download regularly to keep the guide listings on the TiVo updated. But again, it's just a chunk of data, and as such the term slice can be used with various other terms such as headend, logo, etc.

A slice containing channel lineup information. In NZ, at the moment, this is likely to refer to either the Saturn or Sky lineups. Work is underway for Free-To-Air (FTA) headends but as of this writing it is still in progress.

TiVos, in a commercial setting (i.e. the US or UK), connect to machines run by TiVo Inc., in order to get operational information such as guide data, headends, dialup numbers, etc. In NZ, we use code developed by Tivo Canada (http://www.tivocanada.com) (not affiliated with TiVo Inc.) to act like the TiVo service. If you go through the Guided Setup procedure, you are using the emulator. If you go through the add-whole-channel routine, you are not using the emulator. If you are not using the emulator, you will probably be well aware of this fact, as you will spend a heckuva lot more time getting the thing up and running. This is the thread discussing how to get your TiVo working with the emulator (http://forums.oztivo.net/showthread.php?t=44).