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08-12-2004, 05:49 AM
yes yes I still love my Tivo but always looking at alternatives ;)

From SlashDot..

Link (http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/04/12/07/1450256.shtml?tid=129&tid=106)
"LinVDR is a very small Linux distribution turning your normal PC with a DVB video card into a rather cool personal video recorder (PVR). 'The Busybox based system requires less than 128 MB disk space and is shipped as compressed bootable CD image (31 MB) with an easy install program. Provided that you have a supported DVB card (Technotrend DVB Premium or Hauppauge Nexus) in your system, you'll get the software up and running running within 15 minutes or less. LinVDR uses the most recent development version of the Video Disk Recorder software VDR from Klaus Schmidinger. VDR is capable of recording more than one channel per time (as MPEG-2), timeshifting, cutting (with your remote control) and converting the MPEG-2 files into other formats. The 39 plugins delivered in LinVDR extend your PVR to be also a DVD player, DVD recorder, E-Mail reader, Voice mailbox and much more. Details on the software versions and plugins you can find at the project page. For download, visit the mirror list.'"

Had been thinking about this one for a while, wasn't sure what PVR software supported DVB cards tho, does MythTV? is it on the agenda? anyway... just another route for FTA. I wonder if you can get the EPG thru it?


08-12-2004, 06:11 AM
hmm interesting, just reading the toplevel posts. Saw link to MythTV mailing list


search for DVB returned 2357 results
search for DVB EPG returned 99 results

From a quick skim it seems like they have a few sat cards working and even EPG support thru them tho seems like it's still very bleeding edge. From one of the posts a user thought (tho wasn't sure) that the VDR system (as used in the LinVDR system) does actually support EPG retrieval. Might check up on that later..

ok work to do now,