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04-12-2004, 01:12 PM

Well no its not Frankenstein but I did get sound and pictures.
I ordered my tivo from George last Saturday night had it up and running 4pm yesterday,cannot believe how fast USPS is.
A BIG thank you to everybody involved in this project, the amount of information available HOWTOs ,IMAGES. IR codes all worked straight out of the box,also the attitude of people involved makes owning a TIVO and visiting this site a most enjoyable experience.
I did the two input install with Fox sat as the YWR input and a FTA decoder box as the S video input which gives me Fox with correct audio and FTA with audio from the last Fox channel it was tuned to. I was going to do the second audio input mod myself(have been a electrician for thirty years) till I saw how small the chip is, I do not have a soldering iron small enough or good enough eyesight to desolder the legs from the motherboard. Is there anybody in Sydney who could do the mod or do I need to send the box to Darren in Melbourne. PM me or email at sparky26@bigpond.net.au
Thanks again all.