View Full Version : Newbie - Can i use a Sony SVR-2000 Box in Aus?

25-10-2004, 08:54 AM
I read the mailing list, but i couldn't find the answer, more than it saying this in the intro faq

"What you want is either a Series 1 standalone TiVo from the UK, or a Series 1 standalone TiVo from the US (HDR*12). "

Is that the only tivo that will work, or can i get the sony TiVo SVR-2000, which is also in the Series one TiVo's to work. In the message boards, i saw that someone asked about the firmware conversion being removed for the Sony to make it a Philips due to copyright issues, but could it still be made to work?

Also, can the DirecTv tivos, like the Samsung SIR4040 be used for Australia, or is it just stick to the tried and true law above, and buy a machine like the HDR 112?

Probably a silly question to all, but im a newbie, who's going to buy his box today/tomorrow, when someone lets me know if im a twat or ok!

26-10-2004, 10:58 PM
Hi kraji,

Yes the SVR-2000 works in Aus.:


And there is now a fix that makes the Sony Remote work with the current OzTivo image:


No, the DirecTV units don't work here.

Cheers, Dave.