View Full Version : Wrong frequency for Channel 10 in Brisbane

22-10-2004, 10:06 PM
I've been fumbling around for a while getting my internal pal tuner going.
I was quite impressed when I was finally able to change channels, but for some reason I couldn't get channel 10.

Initially I thought it was a combination of my reception and the sensitivity of the tivo tuner. Channel 10 was a bit 'grainy' on my TV, so I went and fiddled with my antenna. I ended up replacing my antenna AND installing a 10db distribution amplifier/splitter - but I still couldn't get channel 10 on the tivo!!!

A quick search on the net showed that channel 10 was originally on 209.250MHz but was moved up by 1MHz to 210.250Mhz in order to accomodate channel 9A. The source code for palmod.o uses 210.25MHz.

Needless to say that I tried 209.25Mhz (via the Fine Tuning feature in palmod_config) and it works!

Has anyone else (in Brisbane or otherwise) experienced this problem ?
I can only assume that channel 10 must use 210.25MHz in other states.