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03-10-2004, 04:30 PM
Hi all,

I have a proposal that I believe would offer MAJOR advantages to non-geeks, and so assist us to much more rapidly grow this community.

I'd like us to make a self-booting ISO that is a pre-configured standard build specifically for NZ.

I propose that it be based on a standard configuration that we specify. The object is to create a path that anyone with even very modest computer skills (not necessary linux, and definitely not command-line linux) can easily follow to make themselves a "black box" TiVo that "just works".

We specfy exactly which model Tivo they need, what hard drive, which Sky decoder (which they can get by swapping decoders with a friend if necessary, or via Sky), which ISPs are known to be compaitible.

We write a REAL simple bullet-point setup plan that basically goes:-

1. Buy you driveless TiVo off eBay
2. Buy a drive locally... we can specify exact model if necessary.
3. Pop your new drive into your PC, boot the NZ-Tivo CD, follow the simple instructions (should be very simple indeed... "Input your ISP login name, Input your ISP password").
4. Pop the drive into the Tivo, away you go.

A significant advantage of this approach is that such users wouldn't need a network card since they wouldn't need shell access, which would reduce hardware costs appreciably (their guide data comes in via dialup).

In fact, they wouldn't even have to have a computer of their own (if a friend helps them with burning the drive to start off, and they get a low-traffic dialup plan from a suitable ISP).

Guys, I'm no boffin, but building communities is what I do for a living... on this professional foundation, I *REALLY* recommend this as an important step for us to take.

And you'd be able to painlessly make TiVos for all your clueless rellies who keep nagging, and never have to think about them again! SWEET!



06-11-2004, 10:33 PM

Suggest need 4

FTA (with instructions to amend for each main center)
1 US Tivo
1 UK Tivo (sadly ignored ny Oztivo ( :rolleyes: )

(same as above)

Agree re dial up as that is the lowest common denominator...

Am I right in thinking there is no more work to roll in an ISO for UK Tivo than US - i.e all the other configuration is the hard bit and dropping in the U or US image(s) is easier once the rest done?

Chris (non techie chewing nails off trying to get FTA and dial up set up - sure it will work out just needs a lot of stuff done right)