View Full Version : Anyone Repairing Tivo's North of River Perth?

02-04-2021, 04:24 PM
Anyone Repairing Tivo's I live in Woodvale hoping to find someone to repair my modded Tivo, the problem is the sound has died & the picture freezes continually
please email me at fixitnow@gmail.com if you can help



08-04-2021, 12:35 PM
Anyone Repairing Tivo's ... modded Tivo ... sound has died & the picture freezes ...
G'day Gerry,

Since there has not been a response and assuming that you haven't found anyone I can thoroughly recommend getting in touch with Darren (in VIC) via his website https://kingey1971.wixsite.com/tivorepairs

If he deems the TiVo to be repairable he will advise cost and the Aust Parcel Post satchel to use to send to VIC (and insert another to return to WA).

I used his excellent service to mod 3 TiVos.

P.S. I have assumed that North of River Perth = North of Swan River, Perth. Ah yes, I see that Woodvale is a Perth suburb ;)