View Full Version : My Tivo won't show EPG every now and again

Big Al
28-04-2019, 03:18 PM
Hi, brought a upgraded chipped OzTivo couple months ago with EPG and since then have problems every now and again with programs not recording, found that every now and again I need to manually connect to Tivo services to get EPG again as when I press TV guide on remote it comes back with a message that I need to register this Tivo with Tivo.co.nz/activation which is now not available in NZ. After I connect manually thru settings it seems to be working perfect again apart from some programs don't seem to be able to be session passed which is strange! Could anyone help me as am new to upgraded OzTivo? Regards Allen, Rotorua, New Zealand

Darren King
29-04-2019, 11:50 PM

Any modified TiVo won't need activation as they already are - and you are right as the official TiVo server/website is now defunct so it is all run by the OzTiVo (which incorporates NZ) community.

Unless things are different in NZ (sorry I'm in AUS and probably should be more up to speed on things over in NZ than I have been) the TiVo should make a successful daily network connection around once every 24 hours.

When you are experiencing no EPG if you go to the network settings does it say it has made a successful network connection and the time/date it did that?