View Full Version : Adding Apps, such as Netflix & Apps download in software

26-03-2019, 07:40 PM
Hi OzTivo experts,

It will be nice addition if we can add some entertainment related Apps in the software such as Netflix, Stan, Kayo etc. If the User could choose other Apps to download through Google Play will make it even better.

if feasible, it will make Oztivo an media entertainment box which will be a nice set up for Oztivo, making it even better.

On the web it seems in US the latest Tivo has a media section including netflix.

appreciate views from others. Thank you.

i am a newbie so if this is just not practical & or discussed & discarded earlier, please excuse.


Darren King
27-03-2019, 08:09 PM
Hi Mahim


We'd love to see some apps added too. The thing(s) to remember about OzTiVo and the hardware we are using is:

1. We are a volunteer community and at present the people who have stuck their hands up are more wanting to help with maintaining and improving guide data - and we can always do with additional help here. My biggest wish is that someone would come up with a Raspberry Pi stand alone solution to pull the guide data available on (no so now) newer TV's using a USB tuner stick and then processing that and spitting it to the central server. If we had these they could be deployed all over Australia and NZ and automate the guide data a LOT!

But with additional apps that would require a lot of work by someone talented in that area. Anyone want to have a go?

2. You mention about newer TiVo's in the US. The problem here is that those units have much more modern hardware which is more faster and has more memory. While it would not rule out making anything at all plausible on our Series 3 hardware that is approaching 15 years of age it might be a challenge for the more complex apps. Again, OzTiVo welcomes anyone wanting to at least have a go!