View Full Version : Daylight Saving transition messes up OzTiVo guide

29-03-2018, 03:55 PM
NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas, SA are going to change clocks due to daylight saving this Sunday, 1 April.
Unfortunately this has caused quite a few headaches for S3 OzTiVo guide data in those states.
I have sorted out most of the issues (although those fixes - like for the issue of everything after 3am being an hour late - won't be visible until tomorrow), but there are some things which need to be fixed on a station-by-station basis (that is, separately for each area/region).
The remaining issues are for guide data on 1 April around 2-3am (when the transition happens, sometimes showings are an hour longer than they should be) and after 11pm (the 25th hour of 1 April, where details about showings which are supposed to start have been lost, and the previous showing is often up to 1 hour longer than it should be).
I have gone through and sorted that out for Melbourne, and we have volunteers who can hopefully cover Sydney, Newcastle, Cairns, but for anywhere else, your area will probably have some wrong guide data for 1 April, unless someone steps up to volunteer for your area.

If you are interested in volunteering, have a look at

Although you can do tvguide fixes without volunteering to do daily updates as in that post.