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13-12-2017, 10:03 PM

I have had two tivos modded. Both of them seem to be fine, aside from one losing its name as mentioned in other forum threads, and home networking not working between the two. My issue is that the tivos are only getting one day of guide data whenever they connect to the mothership. I was told that after running guided setup that the guide would fill up the seven days during the next 24 hours, but this is not happening. Even when I manually connect, only one day of data is loaded. Is there anything I can do to get the seven days guide into my tivos?


13-12-2017, 11:20 PM
I have never had 7 days worth of data..I am lucky to see 2 days worth...

14-12-2017, 03:14 PM

I have just read in another forum that the guide data is being limited to a couple of days.


Darren King
14-12-2017, 05:02 PM
Guide data is limited for now until the software guys iron out all the bugs and the postcodes can be split a little more. It is a double edged sword as any mistakes in the EPG programming need to be "flushed" and to extend it out right now would create a lot of grief to users while the error propogates through, and in addition as the postcodes are so broad it is a fair chunk of data that gets loaded.

Things are still being worked on. Lots of it is transparent but trust me things are happening.

27-12-2017, 11:14 PM
Darren did a marvelous job modding our Tivo and at first was getting 2 days EPG guide data (postcode 6000) but very recently now only one day, i get messages showing all this.
Really makes it a bit awkward to set recordings etc.
Anyone know if this is a problem or just the way it is?

01-01-2018, 07:22 PM
Currently you should expect to see EPG for today, today+1 and today+2, where today is the day you last connected to tivo service measured in AWST).
You can check when your tivo last connected to TiVo service in Messages & Settings > Settings > Network, and you can also connect now. You should expect your tivo to automatically connect about 25-26 hours after the last successful connection. I would suggest connecting early in the morning (but after midnight AWST) and see whether that improves things, especially if the tivo has been connecting late in the day (which might explain why you see less future guide data).