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24-08-2004, 02:16 PM
Okeley Dokeley,

Ive done the guided setup and the Tivo seems good, one last hurdle before I think I will be sweet!!! At least until next time...

Can someone guide me (slowly remembering my ineptitude). Step by step through how to put my STB's IR code into the Tivo.

I have downloaded the .tcl file from the internet. I have tried to FTP it into the Tivo, it appears there but im not sure what the next step is.

Ive tried to type in 'tivosh MotorolaDTH325-4.tcl' (The file name) from in the same directory as I put the file. The Telnet thinks for a few seconds and then gives me a new prompt but doesn't tell me if anything has changed.

A thread I read somewhere said to type 'dos2unix MotorolaDTH325-4.tcl' that didn't do anything.


1) Have I done this part correctly?
2) If I have done this correctly then do I then need to change a configuration from within Tivo ie via the TV? or does it automatically update the IR codes and therefore should be good to go when I reboot?

Thanks for the help in advances :D

24-08-2004, 03:44 PM
hey marv

LOL i had the same exact problem ( but for a pace foxtel box )

read my thread here http://www.forums.oztivo.net/showthread.php?t=221

( it's on page two of this forum ) ;)

in the end i gave up and just used one of the existing IR codes which was the least buggy. :(

but maybe something in my thread will make sense to you or someone will enlighten us. :confused:

i guess these .tcl files are IR codes that we have to somehow put into the tivo. but i followed the directions and noticed the suggested directory on the tivo didn't exist then i thought i found it! so i sent the .tcl file there but the new IR codes didn't show up in GS so i dont know what the hell i did!! :rolleyes: