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16-04-2016, 06:36 AM
MrGadget MrGadget 2 days ago

About a week ago, my Tivo Desktop stopped sending videos to my two Tivos. No apparent reason - I've often found that the Tivo Desktop software started using the wrong LAN adaptor and fixed it by changing it back, but not this time. The last transfer I can see is 6 April, so at some point after that it stopped working.

I've taken a few steps already, and am at my wits end now...

Confirmed the issue is with both of my Tivo Units
Confirmed both Tivo's can connect to the LAN / internet, and I can access both Tivo's Now Playing list from a web browser
Checked Tivo Desktop is using the right network adaptor, and using Tivo Beacon (Bonjour has never worked for me)
rebooted Tivos, PC and router
Removed and reinstalled a new clean Tivo Desktop on the current PC
disabled the Tivo Desktop on the existing PC, and installed it on a Laptop which has never had it installed before (this includes setting the Media Access Key, adding the Desktop Plus Key, and linking to my Tivo account).
Checked mytivo.co.nz for any issues with my account specifically or Tivo in NZ generally.
disabled both antivirus and firewall
I have changed routers, but that would be three weeks ago, it's worked since, and it was 'almost' like for like (Fritz 7390 to a Fritz 7490 with the config copied across). I don't recall having to open ports etc - surely not for LAN connectivity.

Given that both ends of the network see each other, and a clean install on the laptop hasn't changed the situation, I'm not sure what next.
I should note that yes, each Tivo can see the other, I can transfer between them, and I can transfer from the Tivo's to the computer.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Edit - Since the above I have also tried a few new things...
Complete "Refresh" of Windows 10... basically a new install.
As the first install, added Tivo Desktop and HNP, linked to my account and added a number of filers with videos.

Still no transferring even after a week.
The upside is that now the Tivo's can see the server (they have not in a long time, even before the transfer issue started). At least I can pull the programs to the Tivo but this is very manual, time consuming and means shows do not group into folders.

Still looking for any help!


16-05-2016, 09:39 AM
This problem has been resolved, though not 100% sure how...

After contacting TiVo Support, and being informed that Windows 10 is not supported, I installed TD on a Windows 7 desktop - and oddly after restarting the Win10 machine the previously disabled TD kicked back in and worked. Ie the win10 machine kicked back into life.