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22-08-2004, 02:16 PM
Hi Guys,

Its me the bane of your existance back for another try at the STUPID TIVO!!!

Ive installed my new router, have adsl at home, everything on that side is going cool... But still no signal from the Turbonet Card!

Ive played around with all of the things I did last time thanks to everyones advice!

Hopefully because I now have a router with DHCP I may be able to get some more advice and actually get the damn thing going!!!

Look forward to anyones advice on what to do next. I have the Router attached to the PC with DHCP enabled, the router automatically assigns an IP address and has done for the pc. However still no sign of the Tivo.

Any advice?


22-08-2004, 07:10 PM
hi marv

can you ping your tivo?

using your windows box > start > run > type command > press enter > type ipconfig

assuming the results are

try then typing either

ping or .4

see if you can ping your tivo

you might be able to skip this feature if your router shows attached devices.

how is your tivo physically connected to the router?

can you get online with your pc?

23-08-2004, 04:42 PM

See if your new router has a admin web page that you can connect to. (eg ) <-- check your router's manual for its default IP.

if so, see if there is a log or dhcp server status to see what devices have successfully received an IP address from the router.

eg. Your PC will be one IP and hopefully the tivo will be the other.

Assume your setup is like this (sorry for basic drawing):

Router (with inbuilt switch) -----> PC
-----> tivo

Make sure your IP settings on the tivo (via serial) is set to dhcp (I remember one post earlier i recommended to you to change it to static IP).

If you still are not getting an IP address it might be an idea to re-image the hard disk of the tivo since you've probably tried all sorts of things since you created that to get it going. Starting afresh might be one option. (My Tivo got a dhcp assigned IP after a fresh image copy). Make sure you you have a link light on the router for the tivo's network cable etc...

Good luck.