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17-08-2004, 08:50 PM
Hi, I don't currently have sky and want to get my Tivo working using a video recorder on FTA... lots of fun.

I have done a lot of reading but could now use some advice on the best way to proceed. Don't want to take to long otherwise fiance will not be impressed (She tried to plug it in out of the box... ;) )

I have a Series 1 (George) 200GB HD and a cachecard. I used the Oztivo 3.0 image, Cachecard drivers are working and Tivo is networked on the router. (took me a while, have never used linux :D )
Note: Initially didn't network due to looong length of cable. found message in Oz forums with the same problem.

I edited the etc/tclient.conf to switch to the emulator..just to get used to things, it dials in ok and I reached the point in guided setup of selecting "Yes, I have a Cablebox" or "No, I do not have a cable box"
Now obviously I don't, is there any point in going down this track and editing stuff later or should I be approching things a totally different way?? (I'm guessing the second option, either way a quick summary of my next steps would really be appreciated)

Also, am I going to have any problems with guidedata?

I don't have the IR codes for the VCR yet and can't find them on the net :( so will have to learn (and add) them later - Will use the Oztivo guide looks easy enough although time consuming.

I realise there's not much NZ help for this setup..most people who purchase will have sky. The other interim option is to get the pal mod but I'm keen to try this first.

Will document any final solution :cool:


Wayne (Auckland)

18-08-2004, 05:23 AM
just follow the emulator setup as if you had sky, tivo doesn't know if its a sky STB that its changing or a VCR.

You will have to do the IR codes by hand but after that u should be sweet....... ( should be...)

good luck!

24-08-2004, 07:56 PM
Well it's all done and working! Thanks for the assistance.

Setting up the emulator was easy once the guide data was fixed, I was unlucky to be doing setup in the window where setup wasn't working and was confused for a couple of days.

I was really lucky with ir codes, downloaded some for a different model philips vcr on oztivo ir database (the only one they had!!), threw them in, and everything worked first time up. pleasantly stunned as i have lost the remote for my vcr and would have had to buy a universal to capture the codes the manual way. Guess i was lucky :D

Will document in due course, I had zero linux knowledge prior to starting this and can provide assistance in areas where i spent hours searching the forums. i.e ftp to tivo, nano to edit a file, placing in ir codes etc.

cheers, and a special thanks for those of you who work on the emulator and guide data, makes the whole experience a lot easier and makes tivo really worth having.