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14-08-2004, 03:18 PM
Hey Guys,

Anyone using freenet (http://www.freenet.co.nz) as an ISP? Their service is not too bad (well ok their price is really good) so I'm thinking of using this for tivo's that I setup for people. Freenet's $14.95 ONE OFF FEE is pretty sweet too, as long as you use less than 200 minutes per month that is all you pay. And there was me thinking they crashed and burned.

Anyway lets start a thread on modem support on the Tivo and a list of ISP's which support it. Modem setup has been noted in another thread by Ed but it would be good to have a more complete discusion on it as I know a few of you are keen on it. So who's got it working, I tried a couple of times but had no luck, but haven't really looked that hard at it... anyway

It might even be time to start thinking about making NZTivo images... see my other post in the guide data forum.



15-08-2004, 08:02 AM
I have it working with Ihug no probs.

A trap is that when using IHUG ULTRA the phoneline is upload only, the Satelite forms the download link only,

to tell IHUG to redirect both up & down to the phoneline for this call (ie every tivo call) the login name appends "@ihug.co.nz" so the login becomes username@ihug.co.nz, (pw stays the same)

Tclient.conf entry needs to read

127:087300777: :password:

FYI - the symptom is that Tivo dials ihug sucessfully then after 10 mins or so hangs up. It is timing out because it gets no download. Ihug is merrily sending all the download data to the satelite connection, not the phoneline.


15-08-2004, 08:15 AM
alright sounds like you didn't have any problems, sweet. Will have to give it another crack and try it out with a couple of different ISP's..

have you determined how to set when to call and how often?

15-08-2004, 08:26 AM
short answer..no

partly - it just seemed to work with whatever settings arrived with the image. (weekly 2am friday - i think)

partly - because I've never not left the thing alone for long enough for it to become an issue, I'm still fighting PAL/FTA so its getting regular rebuilds while I try to get it figured.