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08-08-2004, 12:07 AM
Is it just me, or is it that Melbourne is having problems following the new guided setup?
I understand that for the Antenna input, that we are now using the "Cable" option, and that we need to say "No, I dont have a cable box" later on,
But...In cable providers, there is no mention of an Analog source(FTA) (as shown in the images in the new setup docs), and in Cable lineups, there is no mention of FTA either???

Confused..?? Me too..


10-08-2004, 09:12 PM
Just for consistency, I'll let you know what happened and what I did to fix it!

Firstly, I live in Melbourne, and recently, I had an issue after the automatic guide update.(Free to Air via Antenna)

When I tried to change channels to channel 10, SBS and Channel 31, the screen would go black for about 10-15 seconds with no sound and then a blue screen would come up telling me that there is a problem with reception etc...
I checked the menus and there was a Tivo message telling me that certain channels had been changed around, which I would have thought was fine.

I went through the new guided setup process in the Oztivo web home, settingup the Antenna channels via the Cable box options etc, and used the Digital free to air selections as there is no reference to the antenna at all. Then I reset the Tivo a couple times again, and still the same issues.

Then I remembered that I had a cron job with a script that modified the channel numbering,left over from an earlier VCR channel changing scheme, so I started there.( And I am assuming this may have been part of the origins of my problems)
I removed the script and the entry from the cron schedule, and restarted the Tivo a couple times. Still the same problem with channels.

As I was scanning through the forums, I came across palmod_config, and thought the channel frequencies may be wrong, which would explain the loss of image.
(But it still escapes me as to how these may have been changed, or even why they would have been changed to something other than the previous working ones ?)

I quickly found that my version of palmod_config did not seem to have the required fine tuning options in the menu, so I downloaded the new versions of palmod_config and palmod.o from the files area on minnie.

Then I went to Tivoweb and remounted the partition on the Tivo to read/write, renamed the old palmod_config and palmod.o files and copied the new ones in...one filnal thing. rename the palmod.conf file to .old so that palmod will have to write out a totally new config file. It seems the newer version adds an extra entry as standard.

Then I remounted the root partition to read only again.
Finally, I went into palmod_config again, and added entries for all the channels I receive. For reference, this is my setup.

Channel -> Frequency -> Slot number
10 -> 209250 -> 1
2 -> 64250 -> 2
28 -> 527250 -> 3
31 -> 548250 -> 4
7 -> 182250 -> 7
9 -> 196250 -> 9

And then reset, and Yay! all the channels work again!!

Cheers, Spook

The Tivo just auto downloaded the latest guide, and the channels still work!.