View Full Version : Problems with TiVo locking up Philips Television

31-07-2004, 06:21 PM
I'm having problems with my UK 2.5.5 TiVo locking up my Philips TV. I came across this on a UK TiVo site...

>Q: My Philips TV does not work properly when my TiVo is connected.
>The addition of Teletext subtitle recording in V2.5.5 of the TiVo software caused some Philips TV's to become confused. Users reporting problems using their TV remote, and the set switching on/off at random.
>A workaround is currently available. Contact customer service on 08702 418 486 for V2.5.5a which disables Teletext subtitle recording.

As I am not in the UK I obviously can't fix the problem this way. Does anyone know of any other way to solve my problem? I will be eternally grateful if you can, as this is enromously frustrating.

20-09-2004, 08:30 PM
I have a copy of the v2.5.5a TiVo Application (tivoapp) binary if you want it. It is a 10.5MB zip file. This only differs from the v2.5.5 binary by a single byte (within a data segment), so if you would rather apply a small patch you may like to try the following. It is a little risky if you are not familiar with Unix-like operating systems and may not fix the problem as it will only patch the tivoapp binary.

Disclaimer: This could cause your system to be unbootable. It will also only patch the tivoapp binary... it could be that the v2.5.5a upgrade updated more than just this file... and don't do this unless you are currently running v2.5.5 (the size of your tivoapp binary should be 5646960)

First, make the filesystem writable, then make a copy of the v2.5.5 tivoapp and patch a single byte:

cd /tvbin
cp tivoapp tivoapp-2.5.5a
echo -n '1' | dd conv=notrunc of=tivoapp-2.5.5a bs=1 seek=5137975

Now for the risky part... move the existing tivoapp binary to a new name, and copy the new (v2.5.5a) binary to tivoapp. Better make it executable just in case...:

mv tivoapp tivoapp-2.5.5
cp tivoapp-2.5.5a tivoapp
chmod 755 tivoapp

And now reboot and hope it all works. If it does not, then you will need to mount your drive onto a different system using a MFS boot CD and restore the old tivoapp binary.