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19-07-2004, 05:39 PM
Is it just me or is the "No Nag" channel not working? I constantly get messages like "only 3 days data left - please make a call".. Is it possible that the emulator headend is not right for this channel? (I notice that UKTV is still wrong).. anyone else seeing this?

19-07-2004, 06:37 PM
The No Nag channel carries two weeks of data ( a week more than data availble in current slice) which is just data replicated from UKTV... No Nag channel is using FSID 7998099
On my TiVo channel 99 is nonag..

I'm not sure what you mean by UKTV is still wrong? Do you mean UKTV in the headend is using the wrong FSID? Which should be 7998101..

Or alternatively instead of NoNag, you can load a slice from oztivo files area which has data till year 2029? Which will also stop the daily call nag.

20-07-2004, 07:01 AM
UKTV has the wrong station ID in the headend, I'm still waiting for Ed to change it - so that would explain why NONAG is not working either..

20-07-2004, 11:49 AM
Crap, I'm sorry, totally spaced it. Mine was down with a toasted drive for about 3 weeks so I wasn't thinking about it at all. I'll try to get it sorted tonight.

20-07-2004, 11:54 AM
Thanks ed! much appreciated (I knew you were having hardware problems)

20-07-2004, 12:04 PM
Thanks ed! much appreciated (I knew you were having hardware problems)
Yeah... Right after my laptop came back with a fresh logic board, the hd in my Tivo took a crap... Seems to be the season for hw failures...

26-07-2004, 09:40 AM
FYI... still working on it. I've made all kinds of changes to the headend but the Tivo still refuses to accept them. So far I've even managed to stump the OzTivo and TivoCan mail lists. It may be necessary to manually delete the UKTV channel then load a new headend, or do a clear/delete all, but I'd like to keep trying for a proper headend solution before recommending such drastic measures. Apologies for the delay (I've actually been working on this off and on for nearly a week now).

26-07-2004, 10:37 PM
Hmm yes very strange. Have you talked to Dennis Boylan (n4zmz@yahoo.com) creator of the tivo emulator?
I have just loaded another headend onto my tivo via my emulator (added the rest of the SBO stations and moved TVSN finally :P), I can send you this headend however my version number is only upto 8

Besides the drastic measures there is one other way to modify the FSID's, names and also numbers of stations manually..

Refer to my post here on how to do this.. (http://forums.oztivo.net/showpost.php?p=873&postcount=13)

Obviously everyone will have to do this on their TiVo, for those willing to do it, it's a quick fix..


27-07-2004, 10:19 AM
Yep, talked to him Sunday, he had a couple of ideas but they didn't pan out. Waiting for another reply before going the manual route...