View Full Version : Help for Sweden!

12-04-2009, 12:31 AM

I'm a British ex-pat now living in Sweden, and one of the worst things moving to Sweden was losing TiVo...

I've got a spare series 1 TiVos capable of being used for our local satellite provider. I've got the IR codes and they work. What I'm struggling with is making guide data reliably.

At the moment I'm using xmltv2tivo v0.06.

I've tried using parsexmlguide.vb, but that fails with modern xmltv format files (v 1.0.110)

I've got 2 good quality servers that could be used to provide a service, like yours, in Sweden, but I'm struggling getting the guide data to work week in week out. I get it working once with xmltv2tivo, change nothing, then when the data runs out, I have to start from scratch again as the new data won't import properly without generating holes or not doing anything at all. Even worse, there are no visible error messages.

Can anyone help? I'm a long term TiVo (about 9 years) and Linux user, so I'm not totally green. But I can't find the up-to-date tools that it seems you need with either the UK 2.5 software or the US 3.0 software to make good data.