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12-07-2004, 05:30 PM
Hi all!
Although I have almost no experience with Linux, I decided to do this. I am buying a Philips HDR212 and want to upgrade the hard drive and most importantly do the PAL Mod hack. I have been reading about this here but it is really confusing for me. So, please explain some questions that I have and possibly in less technical language :)

Things I will do with Tivo:

I will use it in a PAL B country connected to digital satellite box. I would love to be able to integrate the program guide the TV company offers. However, no program guide is avaliable like zap2it, etc. over the internet. At least if I can assign the channel numbers to Tivo so I can change channels from the Tivo instead the satellite box, it would be great. Manual recordings would be a lot easier but it is not very important. Most important thing is to use timeshifting feature :) I don't want the unit to dial Tivo servers as it would be an international call :) Renaming manual recordings/schedules would also be great. This is pretty much it so, where to start?

I have burned the mfstools2.iso file onto a CD and that's it. I am not sure what I need to do after. Is there any image that will do everyting automatically or I need to do everything seperatly such as PAL mod hack, program guide integration (if possible), etc.? I want to use a 120GB hard drive for this unit.

Basically what do I need for my needs and some other hacks/tricks you recommend? I read almost all of the hacks but some are very hard to understand as what it actually does. Thanks guys!

12-07-2004, 06:14 PM
OK. I am currently dowloading the hdr112.30.oztivo.emulator1.3.iso

Does this image include PAL mod already? Is this only for AU/NZ Tivo units? Do I have to do other hacks such as to be able to rename manual channels after doing this or those are also included in this image? Please advise.

12-07-2004, 07:48 PM
You are going to need a lot more knowledge to do this by yourself in another country.

I would suggest you do a lot of reading of the Oztivo mailing archives.

Read the Guided Setup questions and do an install as if you were setting up for Australia.

Once you have all that done then you will be able to remove the sources that you have and compile in some IR codes for your satellite Box.

Everything you want to do is in the Oztivo image you will just have to work for it.