View Full Version : Early Christmas Present .... New Features

25-11-2006, 07:05 PM
Hey All!

I know I'm a bit slack at times, but I realised that the forums has been running since March 2004... that's a LONG time! So I decided since Christmas is coming up, I'd implement a feature into the board that has been unused since it's creation.

Avatars and Pictures for Signatures!

The catch is (oh no.. there's always a catch!), if you have been a registered member for MORE than 6 Months, and you have more than 100 posts, you will automatically qualify for the cool features. This is just to say "THANKS!" to everyone who has supported the forums and kept it going.

So how do I get a piece of the action I hear you ask? The forums will automagically upgrade your status if you meet the criteria. And you will know if it's active if you have a "Edit Avatar" when you click "User CP". For now I don't have any default ones, I'll let you guys have the choice of uploading them. If we have a few that are popular, please let me know and I'll throw them into the library for anyone to use.

Please remember, if you have any queries or have a suggestion on how you think you can improve the forums, please email me tenty AT oztivo DOT net. Or drop me a private message.

Thanks guys for your continuing support!

-Edwin Yeoh
(OzTiVo Forums Administrator)