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11-04-2007, 07:02 PM
I hope no-one minds me posting here because I'm actually not a Tivo user. I make use of the fantastic OzTivo guide with an Arion brand PVR. Using a freeware conversion tool (from pvr-tools.com) I can convert the XML guide into an ICEtv compatible format that works with my PVR.

Today is the first time that I tried to record something on ABC2 and noticed that there is a 2 hour difference between the guide and what is showing - eg. 4 Corners is listed as starting at 6:00 AM tomorrow, rather than 8:00 AM.

I'm located in WA, and all of the other channels are fine. There is an option in the conversion tool that I use to change the offset in the data. However, I only want to change part of the data - basically anything relating to ABC2.

Is there any chance that a WA 'version' of ABC2 will be selectable in the user preferences? Or is there an easy way to modify/change just the ABC2 data? I realise this is unlikely as it is probably only an issue because of how I'm using the guide.

If not, it seems like I may need to subscribe to the eastern states versions of the channels and then apply an offset to the whole guide. I assume that 99.5% of the time all the stations show the same thing as the same time in the various states, so it seems like only answer.

Thanks for any suggestions.

16-04-2007, 12:09 AM
ABC2 is a national channel and to reduce overhead on our servers we only provide 1 feed for all of Australia. The Feed is based on NSW timezone. You will need to modify your fetcher to subtract 2 hours before feeding it to your PVR.