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31-05-2004, 09:22 PM
I am having a problem with my Guided Setup returning an error that "No cable providers were found in your ZIP code". I do everything by the book; cable programme source, 02113 zip code, 002 area code...etc.. then at the providers page I get the error!

This is my 2nd attempt at an install. The 1st progressed through Guided Setup fine (TiVo recognised Auckland Sky Digital and setup the channels for me) but was consistantly 12hrs behind NZ time. Fixtivotime would often report it had changed to the correct time at the bash prompt, but the Tivo still kept that 12 hr time difference -- even after *numerous* reboots. It got so frustrating that I decided on a new start.

For this fresh install, I have and included the Pacific/Auckland time file as per the newbie instructions website. In addition to this I have also edited the postcodezones file to include the line "02113 Pacific/Auckland" . I guess this helps with the timezone resolution....? It seemed to make fixtivotime work when I edited in that change the 1st time.

My intention for this install was to make it as clean as possible so that I could get the time problem sorted. But now this "no cable providers..." thing has put a spanner in the works. I could just work around it by selecting an Australian code but I fear that I will end up with crappy guide data AND that same old 12hr time problem.

I would really appreciate any thoughts on how to get a nice, clean working install going. Thanks.


If it helps: My TiVo is a US Philips, running the oztivo 3.0 image. I have pointed the Tivo at the Service Emulator IP address for guide data. I am using a VCR for composite signal input, with a view to installing a PAL tuner soon. No Sky for me, just FTA.

31-05-2004, 10:51 PM
After completing Guided Setup with a Sydney postal code (it got my box working), I have re-run GS and now 02113 shows Auckland and Sky! YAY! :)

01-06-2004, 12:15 PM
Glad you got the channels. Did you fix your time problem?

I went through the same process as you described - even changed the postcodezones file from 00800 to 02113 (great minds think alike or fools never differ?). Nothing worked so I started again from a new image.

I followed Tim's instructions for imaging the disk

but stopped before the "Setting an A/V Source " stage.
i.e. I did NOT run delallsources.

Then I went to Ed's "emulator available" sticky post and followed his instructions. Ed's memory is pretty good but towards the end I had to use my own brain and follow the tivo screen instructions.

The date was wrong until I followed Ed's update about settime

After this the bash prompt date command showed the correct time but the onscreen tivo was out.

After a reboot the onscreen tivo time was correct and I managed to schedule a recording of the Simpsons (whoohoo) - the episode where Bart introduces bullfrogs to Australia - it's a classic!

The next step is to capture the IR codes for my VCR (I don't have a STB)