View Full Version : Sticky - What to do if your Guide data does not show up

30-03-2004, 02:57 PM
downloaded the appropriate slices (PAY TV, FTA, Digital etc etc)

Get them onto the TIVO
ftp them to tivo /var/hack/guide (or Zmodem)

then loaded the slices
cd /var/hack/guide;
tivosh /var/hack/bin/dbload30.tcl output.xxx.slice
tivosh /var/hack/bin/dbload30.tcl output.xxx.FTA.slice
cd /hack/bin
tivosh fixup30.tcl
tivosh force_index30.tcl
touch /var/timestamp

This will then take a few hours to start showing up in the Browse sections etc.



08-06-2004, 05:21 AM
If your TIVO has a connection to the Internet then you can do the following

1) Telnet to TIVO (i use PUTTY, YMMV)
2) cd /hack/guide

Now work out what slice files you want - based on the program sources you have and your location.

Also note that slices are uploaded to Minnie as follows:
Friday each week - guide data for Sat, Sun, Mon
Monday each week - guide data for Mon-Sat

Once the new slice file has been generated the old one is moved to either
a) TiVo/files/slices/lastFrislices or
b) TiVo/files/slices/lastMonslices

3) wget -t 5 -nv -nd -S
4) If required wget -t 5 -nv -nd -S
5) dbload30.tcl SLICENAME1
6) dbload30.tcl SLICENAME2
7) fixup30.tcl
8) force_index30.tcl

You can then delete the slice files if you wish