View Full Version : Might be relevant: Get US goods posted to NZ

29-11-2006, 09:27 AM
including from ebay sellers who only ship to the US. This site got sent round work this morning and seems a really good idea, especially for those who wish to get US Tivo equipment.... or anything else online in the US sent over here.


30-11-2006, 04:37 AM
This is a new Website/Company which just started operating.

I would suggest doing your homework, as their fees are very high.

A typical TiVo would cost NZ$164.40 to ship with them + the cost of getting the TiVo to thier address in Los Angeles + possibly an extra NZ$65 if it needs paperwork for customs clearance.

While the Express courier service from US Post only costs NZ$127.60 including insurance and tracking direct from anywhere in the US. Airmail and Surface mail is cheaper still.

There are many long established companies offering US addresses for those who still won't ship out of the US, with much cheaper rates.

Just have a look around before using one of these services.