View Full Version : Video Signal Degradation Thru an External Tuner?

25-05-2004, 09:24 AM
Morning All,

My Tivo arrived yesterday and thanks to the information on this forum and a good friend I had it up in running in a couple of hours.

I previously had a Strong 5390 PVR connected to a 42" Plasma (S-VHS) via my 5.1 for Video Switching. The results of that combination were stunning. Rich colors, great sharpness and contrast.

So I sold my Strong on ebay land, and I now have both a Strong 5200 and a Teac 300B sitting here temporarily while I work all this Tivo stuff out.

The Video signals on all channels now look washed out. Gone is the sharpness that I had previously enjoyed. It is particularly bad on Cartoons or where there is a lot of white on screen. i.e all those Channel 10 commercials, the ones where they press the ten logo. It looks like someone has turned up the brightness up 100 notches when these scenes come online.

So, is this normal? I previously I gave run PVR->AMP->PLASMA. Now I am running DECODER->PVR->AMP->PLASMA. As you can see I have only added one extra cable, the supplied S-Video cable from George.

Has anyone else got this problem? Any suggestions to fix this? More importantly does anyone else have there Tivo's with a plasma that have similar quality issues?



27-05-2004, 04:35 AM
Two issues you might have here - one is that you may well be in Maintenance mode still - reboot the TIVO see if the first screen that comes up says OZTIVO maintenance mode ??

If so go into TIVOWEB and change ti to restart in normal PAL mode - or just keep rebooting eventualy it will go normal

2nd thing to try is messing with the PALMOD settings to tune the TIVO to your screen

Refer to the FAQs for how to do this