View Full Version : Removing NDA On Broadcom BCM7020 & BCM7040 MPEG Chips Petition

19-09-2006, 08:59 PM
hey y'all

im really interested in the future of tivo and about where it will go in Australia.
With the Series 2 and the new Series 3 and all these problems about the NDA On Broadcom BCM7020 & BCM7040 MPEG chips i have decided to start a petition.
this petition states...
This petition has been created to try and get Broadcom to remove the Non Disclosure Agreement on the BCM7020 & BCM7040 MPEG chips. Many people out there would like this chip information to expand there knowlodge of technology. Disclosing this information limits peoples imagination into designing future technology.


i know this dream seems near impossible we can still try. if this has been tried before...lets try it again...make it bigger and better. even if you dont believe this will happen atleast take a moment to sign it...we all want Australia to advance in the Tivo industry and i think if we all get together we can get Series 2 fully working here....and maybe series 3.
think of how far Australia got with the Series 1! we just have to get that step further.

if you have any ideas of anything i can add to the petition description please feel free to PM me.

nothing is impossible....if you keep trying.

thanks! =D