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07-05-2006, 02:41 PM
Hi Guys,

Downloaded it, installed and it failed with Tivo going into a powering up/switch off powering up cycle.

Swapped the drive to my known good Tivo but same thing.

Reinstalled and this time noticed 2 things

When the reimaging reached 99.9% it showed error "a failure in compression stream" then kicked out to screen saying image sucessful (?!?) unless you are looking a the screen when it flashes up you would miss it.

After setting up network (inc static IP) the screen where you are supposed to check the details are corrrect does not displ and it kicks ou out to main menu.

Downloaded and and burned ISO on different machine but exactly same result.

Only 3 things in common are

The hard drive - new 300GB Seagate
The UK Image from Orac (I used the Oztivo Philips Image last time)
Fixed IP in setup.

Anyone else had problems with the UK image? Anyone had sucess? I am going to try the new Philips image but woulld have preferred UK as Tivo used to be more stable before putting Philips image on its twin sister.

Second supplemental question - as the only 2 channels I can get through aerial (2 & 3) are on different channels (6 & 9) than what they are supposed to be (must be getting shadow from North Shore rather than Waitarua transmitter) can I change he channel/frequency after install and will that break guide data allocation?

09-05-2006, 08:51 PM
Hmm well that maybe my Alpha image sorry, not sure why it's still there, I have moved it to the 'pre-release' folder.

I have moved the recent Thompson image I created to the folder 'install_images' unfortunately I haven't had a chance to test it yet (which is why it's got BETA in the name), so you can test it for me, thanks..
Once it checks out I'll rename it..

To answer your second supplemental question -
follow this procedure (link below) by Thomson to remap your channel/frequency to the correct channel numbers

12-05-2006, 09:30 PM
I have moved the recent Thompson image I created to the folder 'install_images' unfortunately I haven't had a chance to test it yet (which is why it's got BETA in the name), so you can test it for me, thanks..
Once it checks out I'll rename it..

Kinda figured I was testing the first one - glad I could be of help :p

Circumstances forced me to go with the Philips Image for now but I will try the Thomson one later once the Wife has emptied the Tivo as I really do like the UK blue theme - and the not freezing thing. For the interested the circumstances were:

1. Tivo 1 hit full Sunday Afternoon
2. Wife in UK coming back in a month
3. Deperate Housewives on Monday Night
4. Strict instructions NOT to miss 3. or no sex for a month**
5. Tivo 2 and 300GB Hard drive sitting on kitchen table

**or Charmed, House, Boston Legal, Bones (or anything with David Borenaz), Invasion, Ghost Whisper, Medium, Alias, Stargate SG1 - boy am I stuffed!

*ahem* limited choice really :rolleyes: May take a while to test the image as she has to get through 120GB of TV at Medium setting before I can nuke Tivo 1 till it glows... Still I have my original 40GB Tivo drive around somewhere - I suppose I could use that as a test bed.

Now opened my Tivo so many time I have stripped the threads in the Torx holes - maybe I should use wingnuts.

Now all I have to do is fix my off channel problem and get a permanent network connection. I think my next step is to get Aerial Guy out to look at my reception to see if I can get UHF (have UHF Aerial but no UHF signal) and everything on the right channels so I no longer go to C4 to get TV3

After that time to wander through Techpac for a wireless Router and Wireless Access point so I do not have to haul my existing Router and a long Telephone lead downstairs each time I want to telnet into the Tivo or get guide data.

I have had a PM from DJC with remapping channels and may get brave enogh to try that if Aerial Man turns up and cannot do anything to my reception but on a practical level what causes less stress when using the Emulator, remapping channels to different frequencies (and does the guide data then remap onto those channels) or somehow remapping guide data onto the channels that I have (e.g. telling the system to treat C4 data to point at somewhere other than channel 9 and TV3 data to point at channel 9 where the C4 data is currently) or is the latter even possible??

Can I mention I am not tech and have to read things twice to get them into my skull - entirely self taught by fiddling.



12-05-2006, 10:00 PM
I have downloaded the beta file and had no success in re-imaging from SVR 2000 image to Thomson.
I suspect that the Beta has the same problem as previous version. When image restore is attempted a very brief message flashes ( don't know what it says) and then the successfully restored screen appears.

13-05-2006, 07:29 PM
After more attempts I have tried running from the Knoppix command prompt using the command:
mfsrestore -s127 -r4 -xzpi ozTiVo_PVR10UK_2.5.5-image.mfs /dev/hda.

The message that results is:
dev2: /dev/hda. size:58633344
Restore failed: First target drive too small

I am trying to load the image onto a 30 gig quantum drive (ex SVR 2000)

The above process when tried with the SVR2000 NZ image works perfectly.

Can the Thomson image fit onto a 30g drive and if so should the above work?

Or is there a problem with the image?

13-05-2006, 09:53 PM
Restore failed: First target drive too small

The issue is that you can not MFS Restore an image to a new drive unless that drive is at least as large as the one that was used to create the image. For example, if an 80GB drive was used to create the image then it will not restore onto a drive that is smaller than 80GB.

05-06-2006, 08:34 PM
I'm having a similar problem to the original post; downloaded the NZTivo Philips image but when I ran it up on my machine I got the "failure in compression datastream" erro message at the end. Re-ran but same problem so tried booting up disk in Tivo but it went into a continuous re-boot cycle.

Downloaded the image a second time and re-installed but same result. Would I be better to use the universal installer?

Must admit I'm feeling a bit frustrated; originally got my Tivo built using a spare 8Gb disk as a test using the OzTivo 1.4 image - never got IR blaster working for MotorolaDTH335 STB though. Then bought the 300Mb HD disk and have successfully built it several times but wrecked it trying to get the Motorola IR codes installed.

Finally thought I'd try the NZ image but not having much luck there either.

Would appreciate any suggestions.


06-06-2006, 10:15 AM
NZ Images were created on 9GB disk so any disk larger than that should be find.

The NZ images, except the thomson one are quite stable, and have been used without issue for a number of installs I am aware of.

I know jaidev had some problems with 300G (segate) disks, PM him and see what was up with that.

As for the IR codes, petestrash was enough to put the various NZ IR codes into the IR slice. If you install against the emulator, you should automatically get the codes you need.

This should give you a couple of things to try.