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  1. Sky's upcoming channel number change
  2. Reimaged Tivo and cant get TivoWebPlus to run
  3. Tivo Screen Freezing during playback
  4. Change RF output channel on Thompson
  5. Has anyone found a different file number used for the startup animation.
  6. TiVo Sound Level Jumping
  7. Can I switch from emulator port 80 to 8000 without losing shows?
  8. Another Newbie Project: Tivo from work!
  9. new channels slice for a loadguider
  10. Stuck on old emulator... whats going to happen?
  11. Tivo changing to incorrect channel
  12. Pace DS230NNZ
  13. Successful Load of Current Image with 1 small question
  14. re-applying season passes
  15. Repeat Guided Setup won't run
  16. NICAM sound
  17. Remote Control stops working nzTivo 1.5
  18. IR Codes - how to convert to tcl format
  19. Postcode/headend for FTA in Hamilton?
  20. Testing latest nztivo Dec06RC1 UK image
  21. Dial Up Modem
  22. IR codes for MySky yet?
  23. Are there any slice files to use against the current images?
  24. My Tivo is dead, long live my tivo...
  25. Set up - Help
  26. Can't Telnet to my Tivo
  27. Fresh Off the Boat Tivo - what to do?
  28. Tivo with freeview STB
  29. Installation problem
  30. Sky Digital down
  31. Help with Installing new image. WAS:Help with telnet
  32. Quick Question re: Thomson RC1 image
  33. Using Freeview on an STB and having guide data
  34. Time an hour out
  35. IR Test in setup not working
  36. Almost there. Just a few minutes more...
  37. Getting nzTivo Thomson Dec06 RC1 image & Turbonet Card working
  38. Tivo hiccups after upgrade
  39. Dual source config
  40. Any updates on the NICAM issue?
  41. Just bought a Thomson Tivo from the UK
  42. Problems with more than one tivo on network
  43. GS Failing at Indexing.
  44. Motorola IR issues
  45. Daylight Savings Changes
  46. UK Thomson with no sound
  47. Use nzTivo Image (based on 1.5) or OzTivo 1.6.2 ??
  48. slow remote
  49. Christchurch Headend / post code problems
  50. Are there instructions for Sky and Freeview?
  51. Slingbox - Viewing my TiVo anywhere via the internet
  52. nz tivo wiki outdated
  53. username password needed tivowebplus
  54. Thanks to All
  55. Which Image is the current one?
  56. Unable to get monitorIP to send email
  57. IR Blaster
  58. Tivo restarting in Guided Setup
  59. I think HDD has died
  60. Stuck on No Cable Providers
  61. FTP'ing daylight saving file
  62. TurboLan freezes my Tvio and tivoweb inaccessible (timing=16)
  63. Search by title
  64. Tivo Won't Change Channel On STB
  65. Stuck setting time during update
  66. correcting the time
  67. tivo for sale
  68. Tivo Wanted to Buy
  69. Finally going to new emulator...
  70. Freeview STB support/Ir Codes
  71. Motorola DTH 335-4 IR codes for Sky Satellite
  72. Help doing GS for Freeview with UK 2.5.5
  73. HELP - moving from Saturn Analog to Digital
  74. TiVo MySky comparison
  75. Guide Data issue.. Can anyone help?
  76. Help required for a newbie
  77. Thomson Scenium PVR10UK set up problems
  78. Who has a Thompson Tivo?
  79. networking problem with Thompson Image - help!
  80. Nelson TV frequncies
  81. Nelson headend please
  82. Daily Call?
  83. Jerky Recording but Intermittent?
  84. Finally have a Sky STB that works with Tivo IR :-) .... Setup issues though
  85. Steps to add a second hard drive
  86. Daylight saving time...
  87. Trying to fix up a Thomson for a friend. Postcode question
  88. Can you set up a Waikanae Headend?
  89. Updating, improving or adding Guide Data
  90. Hi DJC, Could you do a Mt Maunganui Headend
  91. Can't connect to Oztivo to get guide data
  92. New Channel Logos
  93. Cant get thru Guided Setup
  94. Thomson TiVo Clock Warp Issue
  95. SkyV to Saturn TV Change
  96. Philips tivo series 1 - set up issue
  97. Stream Tivo to Windows PC - yawn ;-)
  98. Setting the clock on a Thomson
  99. Kathrein UFS 301si IR problems
  100. Guided Setup - No Cable Providers
  101. Can't access tivo via web
  102. Thomson Scenium - Change Static IP
  103. trying to resurrect an old tivo
  104. Dusted off tivo project
  105. how many current tivo users in nz?
  106. can anyone tell me how to change C4
  107. Dse-7500 Ir Codes
  108. tclient.conf: "avalPP[162]: DBLoad Failed"
  109. Longtime Tivo Slice Wanted
  110. Remote Wanted to buy please
  111. Thompson Image missing???
  112. Problems with daily call
  113. Latest NZ Tivo image to install?
  114. Turbonet config on a NZ image
  115. Freeview
  116. Failed while loading series.' Error on Setup Call
  117. Thompson setup help please
  118. Networking problems but annoying ones...
  119. Nz Tivo!!
  120. How to swap channel logos?
  121. Keeping Channels Mapped
  122. Freeview and FTA on Philips with 1.5 Image
  123. Test venue?
  124. Daylight saving time in NZ
  125. www.nztivo.net
  126. Copy PC Files to TiVo
  127. UK PAL tuner setup
  128. Technomate IR codes
  129. I'll probably be shot.. but moving to Aus with my TIVO! Any ideas?
  130. Problem with audio Sync and tivo unresponsiveness.
  131. HD etc advice
  132. Complete Beginner, How do i set a Tivo up in NZ??
  133. Cachecard partly working but with error
  134. Swap Thomson for Philips? - Auckalnd
  135. Thomson Tivo, No Video... any ideas?
  136. Can anyone help with a hardware issue
  137. Tivo 4 Sale
  138. Wellington Headend postcode...
  139. IR Codes for Zinwell/DSE NZ UHF Freeview Boxes
  140. NEWS: MediaWorks upsets 'TiVo plan'
  141. My tivo's clock is suddenly an hour slow?
  142. SBS/Ch7 in NZ via Sat box?
  143. STB IR Codes MaxPlus HTS2700s
  144. Philips Series 1 TiVo FOR SALE
  145. For Sale: SONY SVR 2000 $1 reserve
  146. Daylight saving glitch?
  147. Frozen TiVo
  148. What would it be worth?
  149. Deleting Mania
  150. Another for sale $1 reserve post - SVR-2000
  151. Problem with DISNEY channel
  152. TiVo generated recordings
  153. Sky problems
  154. Suppressing Channel updates
  155. Sony Tivo causing random freezes
  156. Daily call failing
  157. Failed daily call
  158. HD decoder to use with Tivo
  159. Daily Call setting incorrect time
  160. Failed Getting Account Status - Thomson
  161. Lost sound on a modified PAL Sony
  162. guided setup failing?
  163. Anyone know anything about the new Telstra Clear PVR?
  164. Failing daily call
  165. Dodgy drive?
  166. Problems with Thomson TiVo
  167. Tivo frezes when connected to interet
  168. Incorrect time
  169. Time issues with Daylight Saving and Guide Time
  170. anyone buying the series 1 Tivos?
  171. Help!
  172. Progressive scan output from series 1?
  173. fried pace STB, replacement compatible with tivo S1?
  174. TiVo Beacon Service and my PC desktop
  175. Kathrein DVB-S Receiver UFS 301 si Remote Control
  176. Thomson PVR10UK & Freeview setup
  177. Freeview DTVS-1B setup
  178. Suggestions welcome - How to get to the new digital world of FTA.
  179. Dud TiVo box . . . Telecom and Caspa run around on replacement
  180. Problems with Xnet and TiVo
  181. Series 1 for sale
  182. Trouble with modem connection.
  183. Series 1 wanted
  184. I've Broken My Thomson Tivo
  185. Philips series 1 Tivo - can't see it on the network
  186. Hybrid TV has wound back operations
  187. NZ Freeview STB codes
  188. Philips NZ Tivo (series 1) for sale
  189. Help - Tivo phone call fails - FAILED. Service unavailable
  190. Lost Audio
  191. More Sky Woes
  192. Clock out by 1 hour - since NZ daylight saving
  193. Server Issue
  194. IR codes for TelstraClear t-box?
  195. S1 Tiivo for sale posted in Trading forum
  196. Unable to record off Igloo STB
  197. New Episode recording issue
  198. nzTiVo Numbers Dwindling...
  199. S1 Tivo and Freeview
  200. Connecting to series 1 Tivo
  201. Freeview GS
  202. Changing disks between TiVos
  203. new to tivo
  204. TiVo Connectivity
  205. NZ quickflix & TIVO
  206. DishTV Freeview Decoder S7070R
  207. Reimaged and cannot make daily call - Router security?
  208. Sky Decoder upgrades and Tivo S1 compatibility
  209. new sky box, anybody got it yet?
  210. Kaon NS1120 from Sky and TiVo
  211. IR Codes for Sky KAON NS1120
  212. TiVo suddenly resetting for no good reason.