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Thread: Sale Victoria 3850 Tv Guide Many Issues & Suggestion Recordings & New And Repeat.

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    Well i have been trying for days with no success i'm afraid.
    Still no Station information.
    Guess i will have to wait until someone else comes up with the info.

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    The ideal would be to find someone with another TiVo in/near Gippsland and ask them to run station_debug.tcl.

    But since we don't know if there is anyone else with a TiVo in/near Gippsland, I will try changing the tivoid that OzTiVo uses to send S3-Gipplsland-7flix guide data, in case we happen to get lucky and stumble across the right tivoid number.
    My understanding is levidog gets no guide information at all for 7flix (just To Be Advised), but does get guide information for every other channel (except shopping and audio only). If that's not right, please let us know.
    And if you start getting guide information on 7flix then obviously let us know about that! (I might try changing that tivoid number every few days, until I see levidog saying it worked or I give up.)
    And if anyone else (especially in regional Vic/NSW) notices they suddenly start getting 7flix guide data and didn't before (or they stop getting it) then let us know that too!


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