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Thread: Analog Component to HD??

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    Analog Component to HD??

    Hi all,

    Just got my TiVo upgraded yesterday, Great work by all concerned.

    When I first got the unit back in 2010 the box it came in said HD over component but it looked like it was crippled down here in AU and NZ.
    As My TV is just a dumb panel now no digital tuner I connected the TiVo to the component input and also to the HDMI. Unfortunately this Sony set will not switch directly to the HDMI only the analog inputs via my Harmony remote so I have to use convoluted macros to get it to directly switch to HDMI. This is fine for me but the wifey has not mastered this so when she presses the "Watch TV" button it goes to the component input in 576i.

    Is there any way in the new modified software to enable HD over component or has this not been suggested before ??

    Thanx in advance..

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    The component connection (red green blue coloured RCA's on the back) certainly does output all the resolutions including HD. Are you sure you haven't accidentally connected it to the composite (yellow white red RCA)?

    Failing that, go to settings, video output and make sure its set to the right resolution. Or use the button on the front of the Tivo to cycle resolutions. Sometimes after a reboot mine was defaulting back to 576p and I had to manually change it, maybe that's what happened?

    Possibly there could be a limitation that the Tivo won't simultaneously output HD on both HDMI and component, as it sounds like you are trying to use both?

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    btw you shouldn't have to make a convoluted macro, unless your Sony TV doesn't use one of these methods (I would be surprised if it didn't).

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulw View Post
    I connected the TiVo to the component input and also to the HDMI.
    Can you clarify why you have connected the TiVo to two inputs on your dumb panel? Why not just the HDMI?


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